We’ve been offering you an extensive range of high-quality products in the areas of skateboarding, longboarding, streetwear, protective gear and skate shoes for your in-store and online skate shop since 2005.

As a skateboard and longboard wholesaler, we exclusively supervise a wide variety of both well-established and newer brands such as TSG, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Powell Peralta, Independent, Creature, Toy Machine, Welcome Skateboards, Loser Machine, Dark Seas, Riviera Longboards and many more. 

The most important and successful shops throughout Germany and Austria have been placing their trust in us since day one. But we’re not showing any signs of slowing down quite yet! We’re always on the lookout for young, up-and-coming brands so we can provide your shop with the best products available. 

Our B2B web shop allows quick, easy access to an extensive inventory of new and sale items. When an item appears to be out of stock, the 24/7 Brand-Detector automatically informs you of when the item will become available. To make orders even faster and simpler, one click of the Quickshop-Button allows the desired item to be ordered directly. For larger product quantities, take advantage of our attractive bundle-pricing and free shipping on orders of 1000 euros or more.

Our experienced team is glad to assist you with competent advising during every step of your order. Our representatives and travelling sales team are there to provide information on new releases directly to you and at the location of your choice. Additionally, you can find us at many of the scene’s most important conventions and events such as Bright, Eurobike and ISPO.

Welcome to 24/7 Distribution!

Matthias Beul

Sales Representative – Skate DE north & NL
since 12/2012
Sven Hönig

Sales Representative – Skate DE south
since 08/2016
Arne Lübke

Sales Representative – TSG bike DE & NL
since 08/2016
Tilman Göbel

Sales Representative – Skate AT
since 01/2010
Dennis van der Klugt

Sales Representative – Skate BE/NL/LUX
since 11/2017
Alexandra Koenig

Accounting & Returns
since 08/2015
Patrick Streiter

Projectmanager B2B
since 12/2013
Christian Zylla

since 05/2016
Dardan Sabovic

Backoffice & Freightmanager
since 09/2015
Waldemar Becker

Assistant Backoffice & Product Manager
since 08/2015
Anders Tellen

Product Manager
since 08/2014
Henning Hüttepohl

Team & Product Manager
since 08/2010
Heiko Haase

Product Manager
since 05/2008
Nils David Gebbers

General Manager
since 04/2008